Tal vs Botvinnik, Game 1, Moscow 1960

Mikhail Tal (White) challenges World Chess Champion Mikhail Botvinnik.

The fury and swirling sandstorm of the tactical Mikhail Tal clashes with the Russian chess school patriach, the Iron Logician himself, Mikhail Botvinnik in chess' grandest prize: The World Chess Championship.

Remember the 1960 World Chess Championship.

Tal vs Smyslov, Bled 1959

Paul Keres in play against Bobby Fischer. Pal Benkö looks on.

Remembering the Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade Candidates Tournament on its 50th anniversary. This saw the astonishing emergence of Mikhail Tal as the challenger to Mikhail Botvinnik's World Championship title. It saw a new universal-style Keres play as never before. This is also where it all started for Robert James Fischer.

Remember the 1959 Candidates Tournament.

Flash Forward: Episode 2

Black to Move

Tal - Gligorić, Bled 1959 (17)

White to move

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